What’s New at Crystal Cabin! Haida Silver Pendants by Artist Ding Hutchingson

The advantage of being in Haida Gwaii, our connections with talented Haida artists, and that we’re artists ourselves – means many new treasures to share with you!   

Ding Hutchingson’s work in silver is widely recognized for its use of negative space. By utilizing cutouts he is able to create beautiful silhouettes of Haida crests. Hutchingson is from the Skedans Raven Clan of the Haida Nation. He has been creating art for over 45 years and currently resides locally in Haida Gwaii.

This round hummingbird and flower silver pendant representing femininity and beauty. Shop this pendant:  http://www.crystalcabingallery.com/shop/haida-jewellery/haida-hummingbird-silver-pendant 

Three salmon swimming upstream representing life and creation. Shop this pendant: http://www.crystalcabingallery.com/shop/haida-jewellery/haida-salmon-silver-pendant

This round silver pendant is a wolf, which is a crest of the Haida. Shop this pendant: http://www.crystalcabingallery.com/shop/haida-jewellery/haida-wolf-silver-pendant

Two killer whales are depicted in this carved pendant. Shop this piece:  http://www.crystalcabingallery.com/shop/haida-jewellery/haida-killer-whale-silver-pendant

This pendant is a silver Haida Eagle. Shop this piece:  http://www.crystalcabingallery.com/shop/haida-jewellery/haida-eagle-pendant-cutout

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