Fossilized Ammonite with Gold Earrings

Dimensions: 0.75 inches tall by 0.5 inches wide

Material: Hand selected fossilized ammonites, 14K gold filled wire 


Appearing 240 million years ago, the ammonite was a sea marine creature (invertebrate mollusk) related to the present-day squid, octopus, and nautilus. They reproduced by the hundreds and diversified into thousands of species throughout the oceans of the world becoming one of the most geologically important fossils preserved in the earth’s crust. They travelled in schools and were hunted by the sea living dinosaur called the Mosasaur.

Ammonites are very significant for biostratigraphy (geologic time telling). Sutures or fern-like patterns are used to classify each species.

About the Artist

Each stone is selected and made into jewelry by us. We are sisters who work in lapidary art and jewelry design. We have studied visual arts and design at Paris College of Art, Vancouver Island University, and Vancouver Community College. We also received mentorship from their late father, Dutes Dutheil, who was a lapidary artist, goldsmith, and founder of the Crystal Cabin. 


Please expect some minor variation compared to the photo.