"Abalone of the Forest" Red Cedar Bark & Abalone Hat

Material: Red cedar bark. abalone shell, glass beads

Dimensions:Unisex, fits most head sizes. 

Design:The name of this hat is "Abalone of the Forest." In Haida culture it was good luck to find shellfish in the forest. The name of this weaving pattern is a plated traditional style. This cedar woven hat is a Haida Indigenous traditional art form made by hand by a Haida weaver. This piece is made with red cedar bark harvested from cedar trees from Haida Gwaii. It decorated with abalone shell and glass beads. This traditional hat is a unique piece made by Dorcas Bell White. This can be worn as a hat, as the cedar is naturally water resistant, or can be displayed as an art piece. 

About the Artist

This weaving is made by Haida cedar and spruce root weaver Dorcas Bell White from Old Massett, British Columbia.