Canadian Sweet Grass Braid

Material: Sweetgrass

Dimensions: Approx. 23 inches long


Handpicked & blessed by Elders from the Gott family from the Sapotyewak Cree Nation.

A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs, usually sage or sweetgrass, which is burned to cleanse and purify a space, ceremony, or person. Smudging is effective at driving away negative spirits or energy, and is extremely suitable for preparing a sacred space, energetically cleansing a person before healing, purifying your home or cleansing crystals. To smudge a room walk slowly around it and use a feather to fan the smoke around the outline of the room. Be sure to use a shell to prevent sparks or ashes from causing damage. Sage with sweetgrass attracts positive energy into a newly cleansed space.