14K Gold Haida Dogfish Woman Stud Earrings

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Material: 14K yellow gold

Dimensions:20 mm x 10 mm (0.79 inch x 0.39 inch)

    Earring type: Studs with butterfly backs 

    Design: Dogfish woman is a powerful supernatural being in the Haida oral history. This design was popularize by the late Haida artist, Bill Reid.

    The story as recorded by Franz Boas:

    A woman went travelling with her husband. She used to make fun of the dogfish. They went to visit a small rock in the sea. When they were out there, the dogfish, whose home the rock was, came and took the woman down into the sea. There she discovered that the dogfish were really people. They had taken off their dogfish blankets. After she had stayed in the house for some time, fins began to grow upon her arms, her legs, and her back. Her husband was searching for her everywhere, but he was not able to find her. After a number of years he found her. Her face had remained unchanged; but fins had grown on her arms, on her legs, on her back, and on her head. She never returned. Ever since that time her family have used the dogfish crest, and their house is called the Dogfish House.

    By Haida Artist, David Jones (Sg_aan Ts’al Kunaa): 

    Haida artist David Jones was born in Masset, Haida Gwaii in 1991 and grew up in Hydaburg, Alaska. His parents are Norman Edenshaw and Sophina Edenshaw (Jones). He comes from the Naikun Qegawai Clan. David first became interested in Haida art when was nine years old. He spent his time studying books about Haida art and through this, learned form line by mimicking the designs in these books. He later went on to develop his own style of artwork. He has apprenticed with master Haida carver, Christian White to develop his carving in wood.