3lb Rock Tumbler

Rock Tumbler
Agate Pocket Guide
Rough Agates

This 3 lb. capacity barrel rock tumbler is perfect for getting started with hobby rock tumbling. Use this tumbler to polish agates and other beach stones. 

Tumbler size: 

Base dimensions: 6"/ 152.4mm Width x 9.5"/241.3mm Length
3 lb Barrel ID: 4-1/8"/ 104.77mm Depth, 3-7/8"/98.42mm Diameter.

Optional add-ons:

  • Grit Kit: If this is your first time tumbling, select the option to include a grit kit which you will need for each of the four polishing stages. Each grit kit includes the following tumbling grits: coarse, medium, polish and pre-polish. Instructions for use are included with each tumbler. 
  • Pocket Guide to Agate Collecting in Haida Gwaii: This guide, written by the late founder of Crystal Cabin and local mineral collector Dutes Dutheil, outlines everything you need to know about finding & identifying agates on Haida Gwaii
  • 3 lbs Haida Gwaii Agates: Perfect your tumbling technique with rough agates from Haida Gwaii. 

Sales tax exemption: For Indigenous customers with a status card who will have this item delivered to reserve, please email us at info@crystalcabingallery.ca with a photo of your status card. We will set-up your account for sales tax exempt purchasing. Haawa / Haw'aa! 

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