Medium White Sage Bundle

Material: White sage, sustainably harvested to ensure regrowth

Dimensions: Approx. 5 inches long


Smudge is a bundle of dried herbs and is used as a sacred medicine for ceremony. Smudging can help drive away negative spirits, shift energy, cleanse a person for healing, purify a home, sacred space, crystals or other sacred objects.

To smudge yourself, gentle fan the smudge smoke around your body, starting with your head and slowly down to your feet. To smudge a room walk slowly around it and fan the smoke around the outline of the room. While you smudge, set an intention and think only positive thoughts. Use a shell or fireproof vessel to prevent sparks or ashes from causing damage. To burn smudge, light the end of the smudge stick or loose dried leaves with a lighter and gently blow out the flame so that only smoke emanates from the smudge.

Burn sage with sweetgrasskinnikinnik or palo santo to extend the burn time.

Each order includes 1 sage bundle.