Mouse Woman Earrings, Silver, Dentalium & Pearl

Small yet mighty, mouse woman commands respect. The story of the mythological mouse woman appears in the oral history of the Haida, Ts'msyen & other northwest coast peoples.   

The white shell in these earrings are called dentalium, which are the shell of a sea mollusk that lives on the northwest coast of British Columbia. Dentalium were used as an item of trade between Indigenous nations & are a symbol of wealth.

These earrings signify respect, abundance, wealth & beauty. 

Each piece of the sterling silver have a different design of mouse woman. Look closely & you can see her eyes, ears, teeth & nostrils. 

Designed & fabricated by Morgan Asoyuf from the Ts'msyen Nation located in Lax Kwallams in northwest British Columbia. You will be delighted with the quality & hand-craftsmanship of these earrings, even the ear wires are hammered & made by hand. 

Material: Sterling silver, dentalium, fresh water pearls

Dimensions: 2 3/4 inches from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the earring

Meet the Artist:

Morgan Asoyuf (nee. Green) was born March 24, 1984 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, to parents Henry Green and Jean Gardiner. Morgan is Ts'msyen Eagle Clan from Lax Kwallams, B.C.

Morgans artistic career started with Blanche Macdonald Centres Fashion Design Diploma, and an interest in painting Ts’msyen designs. She carved cedar and alder while working with Henry Green, learning about the properties of the wood and how to properly care for it.

She took Bronze Casting at The Crucible art compound in Oakland, where industry professionals taught her both investment mold and sand casting.

In 2010 Morgan began studying at Vancouver Metal Art School under Gerold Mueller, a goldsmith from Pforzheim, Germany. She received diplomas in both jewelry design and stone cutting, learning special techniques such as hollow construction, custom stone cutting, and advanced soldering.

Morgan has studied design and engraving with Richard Adkins. She also attended Revere Academy in San Francisco for gem setting courses.

Celebrate the Artists & their Culture:

These pieces are made with the intention to be shared & worn by people from all cultures. Wearing jewelry by Indigenous artists is not cultural misappropriation, instead it celebrates the artist, the art form & promotes cultural awareness & sharing. 

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