"Gibuu Howling" Wolf (11 x 14 inches) - Framed


This is an open edition wolf print by artist Carmen Redunante, Nisga'a, Tsimshian, Chilean.


Framed: 13 3/4 inches x 16.5 inches

Material: Fine art paper 

Meet the Artist: 

Carmen Paola Redunante is a developing artist. Carmen has Indigenous roots from Chile on her mother's side. On her fathers side she is Nisga'a from the village of Gingolx, and her paternal grandfather is Tsimshian from Lax Kw’alaams. Carmen is very passionate about the environment and looks for creative ways to incorporate beauty and hidden messages in her work. She hopes to bring awareness to help preserve our Forests, Animals, and Water. Currently Carmen is working from Wit'set, where she lives with her husband who is Wet'suwet'en. Carmen is in her first year at the Freda Diesing program exploring her identity through art. Making the decision to apply to Freda Diesing has been connected to rebuilding a lost connection to her Nation and seeking guidance and a genuine understanding of Northwest Coast First Nations Art.

Artist Statement:

Wolves howl to communicate with each other; their voices can be heard from spaces afar to alert their pack of important news. My piece Gibuu Howling which is embraced with copper, helps to amplify the message. This piece also tells the beginning of a story that marks the moment when the biggest news of my life came; The day that I learned about my nation and the process of discovering what that means. 
On my path of reconnecting with my nation, I learned my father is matrilineally Nisga’a from the village of Gingolx and paternally Tsimshian from the village of Lax kw'alaams and belongs to the Lax gibuu (Wolf) clan in the House of the Howling Wolves. The Matrilineal connection to this crest spans beyond time immemorial before colonization.  

In the years that followed after reconnecting with my father, I was given the opportunity to meet my O’olie (great grandmother) and experienced more valuable moments that have given me the strength and motivation to discover more about myself and where I come from.  

Like others who are still reconnecting with their families and nations in many different  forms, we are all being called back by different stories. Like the Gibuu (wolf) howling to the moon, we are alerting our ancestors of our return. 

For my O’olie Rose your gentle spirit is always with me.