Sterling Silver Eagle Bracelet by Alvin Adkins (Haida)

 Material: Sterling Silver



  • This bracelet is adjustable and fits wrist sizes 5.5 to 7 inches. 
  • Dimensions: 3/4 inch wide x 6 inches long


Reflecting his background in carving totem poles, Alvin Adkins brings depth and strength to his work with deep carvings and strong lines that capture the essence of the eagle.

Eagles represent strength, wisdom and balance. They are stealth hunters, strong, fierce, and intelligent in their understanding of the world around them. Although their physical presence exudes strength and commands attention, they move with grace and precision. They also symbolize partnership, choosing one eagle to mate with for life, and using the same nest year after year. In Haida art, eagles are visually represented by their short and curved beaks, sometimes with wings, feathers and talons showing. 

Meet the artist:

Alvin Adkins is a distinguished Haida artist who started his journey as a woodcarver. He was influenced by the late renowned Haida artists Bill Reid and Freda Diesing. Notable Tahltan and Tlingit artist Dempsey Bob also influenced Adkins' work. Transitioning his focus towards jewelry, Adkins channels his heritage and the meticulous skills acquired from wood carving to create deep metal engravings, distinguishing his work in jewelry-making.

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