Wild Chaga Mushroom Tea - Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Naturally harvested chaga mushroom

Quantity: 75 grams 


These chaga mushroom tea chunks locally harvested in British Columbia, Canada.

Chaga grows on birch trees and contains a high level of antioxidants. It increases the body’s ability to adapt to stress, fatigue, anxiety, and changing situations.

Brewing instructions: Break up the chaga into smaller chunks, roughly 1 inch in size. In a 1 litre pot of water, drop in a handful of chunks and bring to a boil. Let the chaga chunks simmer until the water turns a reddish-brown colour, or at least an hour to extract more of the bioactive ingredients. Strain the tea from the chaga chunks. The chaga chunks can be re-used to make more tea. Drink the elixir by itself, sweeten with honey and milk, or add to your tea, coffee or smoothie.

If pregnant or nursing, contact your physician prior to use.