Argillite & Silver Eagle Necklace

Material: Argillite, Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 1.2 inches tall by 1.2 inches wide

Design: Eagle represents strength, wisdom and balance.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece. 

About Argillite

Argillite is a black stone that is geologically classified as slate. The argillite from Haida Gwaii is found on one mountaintop and is protected by the Haida Nation as a stone exclusively carved by the Haida people.

This stone’s geological formation makes it unique compared to argillite found elsewhere. Exposure to high heats allowed this argillite to cool and form in a way that was strong enough to be carved, yet soft enough to take on fine carving details and sculpting.

Once this stone was found by Haida artists its true transformation began.    

About the Artist

Born to the Raven Clan of Skedans in Haida Gwaii, Ding Hutchingson learned to carve from his uncle, Chief of Skedans. His crests are the mountain goat, grizzly bear, two finned killer whale, and moon. In his 45+ years of experience, his craftsmanship is known for its exquisite details, such as the use of a texturized adze finish (a tooled finish) on his argillite carvings, use of intricate rope-style carving finishes, and unique sculpture and design expression of Haida mythology.

Ding's work in metal jewelry similarly provides unique texturized details and the use of negative space through cut-outs that depict the silhouettes of Haida crests. His pieces are representative of the best of Haida design and workmanship.

Haida Designs

In Haida culture, the meanings of designs and symbols are in context of oral histories passed down through generations.

Some stories have been lost due to residential schooling and colonization, during which time the Haida were outlawed from practicing their language and culture. With the stories that remain, Haida elders continue to share these stories with the next generation.

Each design is created based on the artist’s unique style and their personal and familial interpretation of Haida stories.

So what’s the best way to choose a design? We encourage you to select the design that you feel most drawn to. Haida artists create these pieces to share their art and culture beyond Haida Gwaii. We hope you enjoy. Haawa (thank you).