Artists' Tool Fund Donation


New tools can help artists to become more efficient at their craft, perfect their technique, or apply their talents to new mediums.

Each quarter we will fundraise to purchase one significant tool for a local Haida Indigenous artist.

Our first fundraising goal is $2000 to purchase a 14-inch band saw for Haida argillite carver, Myles Edgars.

"We collect argillite from a protected mountain top quarry on Haida Gwaii. This quarry is only accessible by foot and takes all-day to get to. We collect large 50-100lb pieces that are carried out in rock backpacks. Once we have these pieces, the challenge is slabbing them into smaller, workable sizes. This band saw will help us to maximize the use of the argillite and speedup the process for preparing the stone for carving.” - Myles Edgars

To donate, choose an amount and click add to cart. 100% of donations go towards purchasing tools for the Artists' Tool Fund.