Chrysoprase Pendant

Chain option

There isn't a green more beautiful that chrysoprase. 

Each crystal

chrysoprase pendant is hand-selected, drilled, and wire-wrapped with care for the ultimate wearer. 

They say the right crystal chooses you. Chrysoprase balances ying and yang energies. It activates, opens, and energizes the heart chakra, and brings the energy necessary to the physical body through the loving energy of the heart. It provides for non-judgemental attitudes, acceptance of others, and acceptance of self. 

Dimensions: 15-20mm 

Chain option: Light 14k gold plated curb chain

Material: 14K gold plated

Variation: Each stone is made by Mother Nature. Please expect some variation in each piece. When you make your order we’ll send you a selection of stones to choose from. 

Sales tax exemption: For Indigenous customers with a status card who will have this item delivered to reserve, please email us at with a photo of your status card. We will set-up your account for sales tax exempt purchasing. Haawa / Haw'aa!