Serenity Stone Necklace

Wire Wrap
Chain Length

Material: Serenity Stone rhyolite from Haida Gwaii 

About Serenity Stone

When cut and polished, each Serenity Stone jewelry piece reveals a unique landscape in earthy hues. Wear this stone to access healing qualities of balance, grounding, calmness, and peace.

This local stone is a rhyolite from Haida Gwaii, Canada that was formed volcanically over 62 millions of years ago during the tertiary period. It is described by geologists as oxidation fronts in rhyolite.

About the Artist

This stone is cut and designed by us. We are sisters who work in lapidary art and jewelry design. We have studied visual arts and design at Paris College of Art, Vancouver Island University, and Vancouver Community College. We also received mentorship from their late father, Dutes Dutheil, who was a lapidary artist, goldsmith, and founder of the Crystal Cabin. 


  • Large: 2 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick

Stone Selection: After purchase we will email you a selection of stones to choose from. 

Wire Selection: The wire wrap can be made with 14K gold filled, sterling silver, or titanium wire. Specify your preference during checkout.


Serenity Stone is formed naturally and each piece is designed to highlight the stone's natural landscape features. Please expect variation from piece to piece, including size, colouring, and variation in pattern. These features are what makes your Serenity Stone one-of-a-kind.