Organic Perfect Detox Tea - Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Organic nettle leaf, organic horsetail, organic nettle root, milk thistle seed & organic mullein leaf

Quantity: Approx. 50 grams 


Blended by our friends, Samadhi Teahouse, on Vancouver Island, this is an earthy and grounding, mild and balanced naturally caffeine free organic tea.

This rejuvenating tea blend is believed to help cleanse the liver, kidney and lungs. It boosts the immune system, supports the respiratory system and calm the nervous system. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and is also high in antioxidants. This tea can help with cough, bronchitis and fever associated with cold and flu.

Brewing instructions:

Add 2 tsp. of the herbal blend, per cup of freshly boiled water. Let steep for 10-15 minutes.

If pregnant or nursing, contact your physician prior to use.