Silver Raven Bracelet

Material: Sterling silver

Dimensions: 1/2 inch wide x 6 inches long, but can be adjusted to fit most wrist sizes

    Design: In Haida culture Raven is a symbol of creation and transformation. He is a catalyst for change and brought the sun and the moon to the universe, as well as the first people to Haida Gwaii.

    About the Artist

    David Jones was born in Masset, Haida Gwaii on October 10, 1991 and grew up in Hydaburg, Alaska. His parents are Norman Edenshaw and Sophina Edenshaw (Jones). He comes from the Naikun Qegawai Clan. David first became interested in Haida Art when was nine years old. He spent his time studying books about Haida art and through this, learned form line by mimicking the designs in these books. He later went on to develop his own style of artwork. In 2013, David was the recipient of a Vancouver Airport Art Foundation Scholarship. This award recognizes British Columbia’s young First Nations artists as emerging talents in Northwest Coast Native Art. As part of this award, David used his scholarship to complete a Haida bentwood box project with mentor and Haida master carver, Reggie Davidson. In 2014, he started carving on precious metals such as gold, sterling silver, and copper with Haida master carver, Derek White.


    This piece is made by hand. Please expect some minor variation. This craftsmanship is what makes your piece truly unique. 


    This bracelet is adjustable & fits most wrist sizes. If you know the wrist size, please note at checkout.