Butterfly Pendant


Butterfly Pendant


Argillite Butterfly Pendant by Amy Edgars from the Haida Nation

This pendant measures approximately 2 inches wide by 1.25 inches tall. 

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About the Artist

Amy Edgars began carving at the age of eight. Amy was inspired by her father, Myles Edgars, to pursue the ancient art of argillite carving, taking up the craft full-time at the age of 16. "I saw my dad and others carving every day, so I thought I better sit down and try it out," says Amy. Amy is one of few Haida women argillite carvers. She has been carving for over 15 years. 

Argillite is a type of slate uniquely found in Haida Gwaii and protected by the Council of the Haida Nation as a stone exclusively carved by the Haida people. 


Each argillite pendant is carved by hand. Please expect some minor variation in lines and pattern and colour of the shell inlay. This craftsmanship is what makes your piece truly unique! 

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