Raven Wrap Ring


Raven Wrap Ring


Raven Wrap Ring by Carmen Goertzen from the Haida Nation.

Ring width: 1/4 inch at the widest point

Material: Sterling Silver

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Sizing Wrap Rings

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About the Design:

Raven is the Trickster and is known for discovering the first Haida people in a large clam shell. His curiosity often gets him into trouble, from which we can learn. He is also responsible for bringing the light and the moon to Haida Gwaii.

About the Artist:

Carmen Goertzen is the hereditary Chief of the Yahgu 7laanas Dadens clan of Haida Gwaii. Goertzen is a self-taught artist and has been carving since the age of 11 years old. After being taught to make tools by renowned artist Robert Davidson, Goertzen began carving silver and gold jewelry professionally in Vancouver in 1984.

His jewelry is sought after by collectors from around the world. Goertzen’s work is cherished for his deep carving technique, intricate cross-hatching, and overall attention to detail. Goertzen transforms a simple piece of precious metal into a unique, texturized story of its own. Crystal Cabin recommends works by deep carvers such as Goertzen. His work a worthwhile investment and withstands the test of time.

Goertzen currently resides in Haida Gwaii and can be found working with his son, Neil Goertzen, who is an emerging and impressive carving talent.

You can learn more about Carmen Goertzen in this short video clip.


As each ring is carved by hand, please expect some minor variation in the design and arrangement of carving lines. This craftsmanship makes every ring truly unique! 

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