Custom Creations: Let Us Help You Bring Your Ideas to Life!

Custom Creations: Let Us Help You Bring Your Ideas to Life!

Looking for that truly one-of-a-kind piece? Got an idea that you want to bring to life? Crystal Cabin can help! We specialize in custom orders. With a network of over 50 local Haida Gwaii Artists, we can connect you with the right artist for your project. Contact us with your idea for a special piece.

We have helped clients from all over the world create their unique pieces of art, jewelry, and even clothing. This customer came to us with an idea for this amazing argillite custom-made box created just for her by Michael Brown.


Mike is one of few carvers who make functional panel pipes.


We ship these projects directly to our customers too! 

"Package arrived safe and sound. Thank you very much. Looks beautiful.”
- Customer, Gibsons, B.C.


The Haida Creation Story - Raven and the First Peoples


Sought after by several private art collectors and museums, Mike’s work has traveled all around the world and admired by many. The uniqueness of Mike’s work has been seen in his ability to transform a Haida story into his style while maintaining close values to traditional Haida form line.


Killer Whale Box With Sun, Bear, and Frogs


Some museums have been so impressed by his pieces due to his style that looks so similar to the ancient pieces from their collections. His carvings showcase beautiful lines of certainty and strength.


Dog Fish Platter

Dog Fish Platter Bottom


“My grandfather told me many stories while growing up and it’s important to share this history with others” 


Bear Mother Story


“I just didn’t want to lose the culture and heritage. Carving is a way to stay connected”


Blind Halibut Fisherman

Shop the Blind Halibut Fisherman argillite carving by Mike Brown. 


 “You need to feel the energy of the stone. It’s a cool feeling. Without this energy, it’s not as motivating to carve.”  


Eagle with Mammoth Invory


“Practice makes perfect, don’t be afraid to keep on trying."


Raven with the First Peoples


"If we don’t keep carving, we’re going to lose it..." 


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