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Being located on Haida Gwaii, our neighbours are our network, which consists of over 50 local Haida and Indigenous Canadian artists. We're a family of artists and jewellers, and we will work with you to help you bring your ideas to life! We understand the technical requirements and restraints that can sometimes accompany working with certain materials. We are dedicated to ensuring you end up with your ideal piece of jewelry or work of art.

We work with clients from around Canada, the United States, as well as international clients and museums. You may view some recent examples below of custom Haida jewelry, art, crystal and gemstone projects we've helped our clients with. 

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Haida Indigenous pendant dog tag eagle custom jewelry by Haida artist Tony Greene sold by Crystal Cabin

"I LOVE the pendant! It’s beautiful.  Really truly beautiful. Thank you so much April for handling everything for me. You are very professional and good at what you do. [My husband] is going to be very happy with his gift and I can hardly wait to give it to him!"

Sterling Silver Frog Ring by Haida Indigenous Artist Norman Bentley. Sold by Crystal Cabin.

Two Haida sterling silver frontal frog rings with abalone inlayed eyes were lovingly created by Haida artist Norman Bentley for a couple from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. The couple visited Crystal Cabin in Tlell, Haida Gwaii in 2019 and commissioned these special rings to commemorate their visit. 

After they received their rings, they shared these kind words with us:

"I received the rings yesterday. They are lovely and I’m very happy with them. The lighter pinkish abalone tones, although subtle, are quite elegant. They are beautiful pieces and an awesome reminder of “The Misty Isles” .

So I want to thank you one last time. I felt listened to and respected and appreciated all of the updates and options you offered along the way. 

I love Haida Gwaii and am sure to return at some point. I’ll drop in and say hi and check out your store again when I do."

This 14K white gold raven ring was custom made by Haida artist Gregory Williams. It was a replacement ring for an original wedding band that was a bit too large, and unfortunately, was lost. The stippling and gentle lines are characteristic of this artist's work. 

A few words from the customer who was from Oregon, USA.

"Hi April, the ring arrived safe and sound Monday afternoon. It really is beautiful and a good fit. Thank Gregory for me!"

This sterling silver ring is a bear with an emerald eye and is made by Haida jeweller Norman Bentley. Busy fishing throughout the year, he rarely takes on custom rings projects anymore. But we do have a selection of his pieces in stock. Check out his collection here: 

This customer from the United Kingdom wanted an engraved sterling silver hummingbird ring. They also requested to make the ring as narrow as possible. This band is under 1/4 inch wide and was carved by Haida artist Gregory Williams. 

The customer was happy with the final results:

"Hi April,The ring has arrived safely and looks fantastic thank you so much for all your help." 

While on vacation in Haida Gwaii, this customer purchased a copper raven wrap ring at our shop. When they returned home, it became apparent how much their mother also loved this ring. So the daughter contacted us to have another copper ring made.

A lesser known reality is that not all carvers like to carve copper. However, we selected a few artists to choose from, presented the options to the customer, and worked with her budget. She decided on a copper eagle wrap ring by Haida artist Derek White from Old Massett, British Columbia, Canada. Her mother was over the moon and loved it too! 

One of Norman Bentley's most intricate ring projects, these two wedding bands were identical in size and design, except the metals were reversed. Each band featured a hummingbird with flower and a sea otter. The designs represent each individual in the couple and were made with sterling silver and 14k rose gold. 

We received these rave reviews from the couple:

"Hello April. 

Wow!! We are absolutely shocked at the amazing work Norman has put into these beautiful rings!! Honestly...we were prepared for whatever he presented us and boy were we surprised at the incredible details as you said yourself...(of course we thought you we just saying that!) But you were absolutely right...they are absolutely gorgeous mini Haida art pieces!!! How special these are to us and they couldn't have fit any better!! We are so happy we cried together. We got the package and didn't open them until we got dressed up and went for a nice dinner to open them and place them on each of our fingers. We are planning a tropical ceremony somewhere one day but this is really all we wanted!!! Unbelievable!! Thank-you so much for being there for us and helping Norman with explaining what we are looking for but he captured the entire idea in the most delicate and romantic way possible. He is an amazing jeweller and carver in one by every stretch...sooooo soooo happy with our rings! Please give him a special thank-you for the time and expertise he has put into these special pieces. 

One day we will plan the trip out there and hopefully we can meet both of you."

These 14k yellow gold raven steals the sun and raven steals the moon matching wedding bands are by Haida artist Carmen Goertzen. They were created for customers from Ontario, Canada who were looking for new wedding bands to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

The rings had significant meaning for the couple. The wife is a sun worshipper and her husband loves the night - as is exemplified by his stunning night time nature photography. 

They received the rings on the eve of their anniversary, on a full moon, and were able to present the rings as a symbol of their love with friends and family at an intimate anniversary party. 

This sterling silver wolf ring was created by Norman Bentley for a customer who fell in love with Norman's rings, but needed it in a different size. His rings always delight! 

This was a special request from a friend on Haida Gwaii. She was looking for a Haida interlocking wedding band that would go with her engagement ring.

Haida artist Carmen Goertzen carefully crafted the perfect wedding band to interlock with the customer's engagement ring. The wedding band is sterling silver and features a hummingbird and a bear, each a symbol of the couple. The artist also created a matching wedding wrap ring for the husband, also with a hummingbird and bear. 

The engagement ring is made of white gold and features an amazing sapphire from the customer's grandmother. The ring is made by Lisa Fletcher. 

interlocking native northwest coast first nations indigenous haida wedding bands

This 14K white gold sea wolf (also know as wasco) ring with abalone inlay is by Haida artist, Norman Bentley. It was a special commission for a customer to be given to the love of his life. This special couple has an affinity to sea wolves. They study and are working on a documentary film on real life sea wolves that eat fish in Alaska! Soon they will be studying bears together.

Words from the recipient from Switzerland:

"I was presented a ring of white gold which was made by Norman Bentley. That ring was the gift of my life not only because it was gifted to me by a loved person. It also was fabricated uniquely for me and represents the myth of a nation. It shows a sea wolf and it is so beautifully designed as well as crafted that I look at it every day and just love it.

Dealing with Crystal Cabin was wonderful. Their friendliness and obliging way gives the jewel an additional personal touch which adds to the memory and feelings around the beautiful jewel."

A well-planned out gift from a past visitor to Haida Gwaii. This customer from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada started planning his Christmas gifts in the summer. We highly recommend, as during Christmas time many of the artists are too busy to create custom pieces. 

This customer had three pendants created out of 14k yellow gold by Haida artist, Gregory Williams. One pendant was an orca for his wife, another pendant was an orca for his daughter, and the third pendant was a playful hummingbird for his granddaughter. This was a huge success for Christmas gifts, and all three ladies loved these pieces. We also provided the gold chains too!

A happy customer left us this review: 

"I recently purchased 3 gold pendants from April at Crystal Cabin Gallery. I am very pleased with the carvings she supplied and would recommend the Crystal Cabin for any Haida jewelry."