Crystal Cabin Gallery FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Find Your Ring Size

To determine your ring size, we recommend that you have your finger measured by a local jeweller. Let them know the width of the ring you're looking to purchase. For wider rings you may need to go up 1/4 to 1/2 ring size. 

Wrap Rings

Wrap rings are adjustable & can fit most ring sizes from size 5 to size 9. We can make these adjustments for you before sending. Depending on the width of the ring, you can also make these adjustments yourself or bring to a local jeweller once you receive the ring. Resizing a wrap ring is a very easy process.

If your ring finger is smaller than size 5 or larger than size 9, a wrap ring may need to be custom made for you. Contact us and we can let you know availability in case we have more sizes in store or a quote and timeline if a different size ring needs to be made.

Can Band Rings Be Resized?

Yes they can. Each ring is specific and due to its construction has different limitations to how large or small it can be resized to. Please contact us and we can provide you the specifics on that ring.

Bracelet Sizes

To determine your wrist size, use a string to measure the smallest point of your wrist, then measure the length of the string on a ruler.

The standard size bracelets on our website will fit a customer with wrist size 5 - 7 inches. We also have a selection of bracelets on our website for wrist sizes larger than 7 inches. The wrist sizes for each bracelet will be included in the product descriptions. For larger or smaller wrist sizes, please contact us, and we will provide you with availability in case we have more in store or a quote and timeline if a different size bracelet needs to be made.

Cuff bracelets are adjustable and can be resized by adjusting the size of the gap at the back of the bracelet.

We would be happy to make your custom project come to life. Please tell us a bit about your project here and we will provide you with a quote.

Polishing Cloth

We recommend polishing your gold, silver, and copper jewelry with a polishing cloth. You can purchase one here on our website. These are the polishing cloths we've been using in our store for years and they really get the job done. 

Professional Cleaning

You can also bring your gold, silver, or copper jewelry to be professionally cleaned by a jeweller using a steam cleaner or ultrasonic. 

However, not all jewelry can be cleaned in the same way. Do not use a steam cleaner or ultrasonic on jewelry which is intentionally oxidized (blackened) with a patina; jewelry which contains abalone inlay; and jewelry with gemstones (consult with your jeweller about the gemstone, as the hardness and makeup of some gemstones should not be ultrasonically cleaned). 


When storing your jewelry, we recommend polishing your jewelry with a polishing cloth and then storing in an air tight small jewelry plastic ziploc bag. 

Argillite is a soft stone and should be worn with care. 

Do not wear your argillite while swimming or showering. Over time this will damage the stone and make it vulnerable to cracks.

Wear with care. Make sure that jewelry is securely worn. If argillite falls on a hard surface it could be prone to breakage. 

You do not need to polish argillite. As you wear a piece of argillite jewelry, the natural oils of your skin will enhance the stone’s shine.

If you have a metal allergy please contact us for options.

For have access to a wide variety of metal findings, from earwires to clasps to ensure that you can wear our jewelry safely and with comfort.

We also offer custom metal jewelry in copper, sterling silver and yellow, rose & white gold from karat 10K to 18K. Visit our Custom Orders page to learn more.

Copper jewelry will naturally oxidize overtime due to exposure to moisture in the air. The wearer's natural body oils, ph of the skin, and lotions will also contribute to oxidization. 

Some ways to reduce the oxidation of copper include keeping copper polished with a polishing cloth then store in an airtight plastic ziploc bag. For a polishing cloth, we recommend this one. You can also have your copper jewelry professionally cleaned by your local jeweller.

Many customers who purchase copper prefer the oxidization or patina that forms on copper after wearing it.

Another option if you like the shiny rose colour of copper, but not the tarnishing, is 14K rose gold because it never tarnishes but still has that warm coppery colour. Contact us to inquire about custom orders in rose gold.