Soft Landscapes in Creamy, Warming Tones

A Grounding Stone from Haida Gwaii, Canada


Serenity Stone Jewellery Pendant in Gold Plated Wire from Haida Gwaii

Serenity Stone Jewellery Pendant in Gold Plated Wire from Haida Gwaii


Crystal Cabin has worked with artists, geologists and energy workers to collect, identify, shape and polish local minerals for over 25 years at our local lapidary atelier in the remote islands of Haida Gwaii, Canada. 

One specimen we've worked with for many years is Serenity Stone. 

Serenity Stone

When cut and polished each Serenity Stone reveals soft landscapes in creamy, warming tones. This stone was formed volcanically millions of years ago during the tertiary period and is described by geologists as oxidation fronts in rhyolite.

Energy workers believe Serenity Stone elicits calming, balancing and serene properties. Use this mineral to bring peace and flow to any space. This is an excellent stone for grounding when worn as jewellery or held in the hands.


The islands’ rich geological history continue to impress geologists, collectors and metaphysical workers alike. To purchase Serenity Stone as jewellery or in the rough, we invite you to browse the selection on our website or contact us at / +1-250-557-4383. 

Crystal Cabin curates a local and international selection of crystals, gemstone jewellery and Haida art in the heart of Haida Gwaii, an archipelago of 150 islands in the pacific northwest coast of British Columbia, Canada.