Haida Artist, Danielle Louise Allard

Meet Haida Artist, Danielle Louise Allard (Skil Jaday (Fortune Woman) Ta K'udlan Jaadaas (Good Painter Woman)) 

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Danielle Louise Allard

Discover the captivating world of the Haida Artist, Danielle Louise Allard. Immerse yourself in rich cultural expressions through Danielle's indigenous art. Explore now & be inspired!

Since childhood, Danielle has been interested in creating; drawing, painting and building, using any materials she could get her hands on. Continuing her artistic exploration through her youth eventually brought her to choose to study Fashion Design and Fine Arts in post secondary education.

The study of art brought a fresh new way of thinking to her life and opened her mind to unlimited ideas and potential; the development of her work benefited greatly from this and her experimentation began, continuing to utilize all mediums and concepts that intrigued her.

As her skills developed and she slowly narrowed her artistic vision, she started to educate herself more about her Haida culture and background. During this time she continued making work for galleries and shows creating acrylic paintings, block prints and mixed media pieces; but, in her spare time, she was reading up on Haida culture and working on studies of great Haida master artists.

She currently resides in Masset, Haida Gwaii, to continue her study of Haida art apprenticing with master carvers and artisans. She has apprenticed with Haida master carver, Christian White and has received guidance and mentorship from her uncle, Haida master carver, Reg Davidson.

Select Art Highlights:


Gwaii Haanas Artist in Residence Exhibition: Haida Gwaii Museum, Skidegate


YVR Mid-Career Artist Scholarship: For her Mid-Career Artist Scholarship, Danielle worked with master artist Christian White on a series of painted drums and masks carved by Christian.