Haida Artist, Guustl’as Rorick

Meet Haida Artist, Guustl’as Rorick

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Guustl’as RorickDiscover the captivating world of the Haida Artist, Guustl’as Rorick. Immerse yourself in rich cultural expressions through Guustl’as' indigenous art. Explore now & be inspired!

Guustl’as is a Haida artist, and their name translates to “The Tide that Overcame Everything” and was given to them by their sister Raven Thorgeirson (Pearson Leblanc). Guustl’as was raised in Skidegate and is a proud member of the Xaayda/Xaada Nation having both Southern and Northern roots in Haida Gwaii. They dawn from the House/Clan, Naa Saagaas XaaydaGaay. Brazenly they stand Nang Gaahlingdaay Sding (two spirited in the Haida language). The significance of being Nang Gaahlingdaay Sding in their culture and life is great. People of Nang Gaahlingdaay Sding are said to be able to walk on both sides, masculinity and femininity. This was important for their medicine people, for they could understand and comprehend their patients deeper.

In Guustl’as’ life they feel as though they have a deeper connection to their spirituality and culture because of it. Guustl’as said “I am a student, Id Kuniisii (My Ancestors) are My docents, the respect I hold for the art of ancient is immense and beyond words”. Robin Rorick in 2020, mentored Guustl’as in the Haida arts and from 2022-2024 they Studied at Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art, a two year diploma program. They plan to continue their pursuit of knowledge and mastery of formline and sculpture. Their artistic ambitions are to create entrancing and engaging oeuvre. They work with mediums such as design, paint, wood, metal and sculpture.