Haida Artist, James Hart

Meet Haida Artist, James Hart (7idansuu) 

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James HartDiscover the captivating world of the Haida Artist, James Sawyer. Immerse yourself in rich cultural expressions through James' indigenous art. Explore now & be inspired!

James (Jim) Hart is one of the Northwest Coast’s most accomplished artists. In addition to his mastery in carving monumental sculptures and totem poles, he is a skilled jeweler and printer and is considered a pioneer among Haida artists in the use of bronze.

Jim Hart has been a carver since 1979. He first apprenticed with renowned Haida artist Robert Davidson and then worked with master carver Bill Reid from 1980 to 1984. Among other projects, he supervised the construction of the Haida House in the Grand Hall of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and restored an old Haida pole for the Smithsonian in New York City. Hart has had solo exhibitions in Vancouver and Singapore and set up a booth in the Louvre in Paris with other international artisans.

Jim Hart comes from a long line of Haida chiefs who were carvers. As Chief of the Eagle Clan since 1999, he holds the name and hereditary title of his great-great-grandfather, Charles Edenshaw. As such, he maintains a practice devoted to his community, carving and raising poles as well as building several Haida longhouses in Old Massett, Skidegate. His poles, such as Ottawa’s The Three Watchmen (2003, cast 2010), can be found in collections throughout the world. He receives commissions from private collectors across the world and is the recipient of several awards and honours including the Order of British Columbia in 2003.

Select Art Highlights:


Awarded the Audain Prize for Visual Art.


Completed the monumental dance screen, entitled the The Dance Screen (The Scream Too), located at the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, BC.


Completed the the Reconciliation Pole at UBC, as the head carver.