The advantage of being in Haida Gwaii, our connections with talented Haida artists, and that we’re artists ourselves – means many new treasures to share with you! 


Gold Heart and Hummingbird Silver Wrap Ring by Haida Artist Carmen Goertzen

A brand new addition to Crystal Cabin is this Gold Heart and Hummingbird Sterling Silver Wrap Ring. Designed on Valentine’s Day, this Haida love bird ring is feminine and romantic. This ring was created by an artist known for his deep carving style and craftsmanship in silver and gold. Haida Artist Carmen Goertzen from the Haida Nation is a Haida Hereditary Chief of the Yahgu 7laanas Dadens clan and has been professionally carving since the 1980s.

This ring measures 0.29 inches or 0.75 centimeters wide where the silver overlaps and can be easily resized at any jeweler to fit most ring sizes - making this a perfect gift! 

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