Haida Artist, Reg Davidson

Meet Haida Artist, Reg Davidson (Skil kaat’laas) 

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Reg DavidsonDiscover the captivating world of the Haida Artist, Reg Davidson. Immerse yourself in rich cultural expressions through Reg's indigenous art. Explore now & be inspired!

Reg Davidson, Skil kaat’laas, of Old Massett, Haida Gwaii, BC (b. 1954) of Ts’aahl laanas Eagle Clan began his career as artist around 1969. A master Haida Artist recognized for his numerous and significant contributions to protecting and advancing Haida culture. He is known for producing significant traditional ceremonial objects such as masks, bentwood drums and dance regalia.

An accomplished dancer and singer with the Rainbow Creek Dancers, a Haida dance group formed in 1980 by Reg and his brother Robert Davidson, he shares his passion of his culture, art and life with his grandchildren. As an avid fisherman, he has provided his elders with food while participating in ecological protection projects that help safeguard the abundance of sea life in Haida Gwaii.

Reg’s carvings have been commissioned locally and internationally, and many can be viewed right in BC, including a large sculpture grouping of the Blind Halibut Fisherman at Vancouver International Airport. Over many decades of committed artistry, Reg at his studio, has trained, taught and employed many artists who live in and off Haida Gwaii. With no art schools in Haida Gwaii, Reg has become a mentor of artistic education for younger local artists and has a new collaboration of eco-friendly fashion with Wendy Van Reisen creator of Dahlia Drive called Yaahlguudtsai - Raven, Eagles, Polka Dots; sustainable women's clothing celebrating Haida formline.

Reg’s most recent project was a memorial pole in dedication to the life of his nephew Ben Davidson and in 2022 is the recipient of the Order of Canada and the Fulmer Award of Distinction presented to an individual who has helped ensure that BC is a place filled with astonishing craft, with unique and immensely expressive power and continuous wonder.