Men's Eagle Ring with Canadian Diamond and 22k Canadian Gold Nuggets


We ship worldwide. 


  • The diamond is Canadian, size 0.04 carat 
  • Canadian gold nuggets are 22K
  • Ring material is 10K yellow gold 

Dimensions: 12 mm wide (0.47 inches wide)

Ring Size: Please note your ring size at checkout. We carry a variety of sizes in stock. However, if we need to do a ring resize, please expect approximately 2 weeks lead time. 


Eagles represent strength, wisdom and balance. They are stealth hunters, strong, fierce, and intelligent in their understanding of the world around them. Although their physical presence exudes strength and commands attention, they move with grace and precision. They also symbolize partnership, choosing one eagle to mate with for life, and using the same nest year after year. 

About 22K Canadian Gold Nuggets: 

This 22k gold nugget jewelry is made from eco-friendly gold right from the miner’s gold pan. The nuggets come from operations that make minimal to no damage to the environment. It does not come from big mining companies or metal refineries and is not processed in any way. 

They are collected by hand by small scale gold panners in rivers & creeks in British Columbia & the Yukon. All gold nuggets used are left in their raw natural state & manufactured into gold & silver jewelry in British Columbia, making this the perfect made in Canada keepsake.

Made by British Columbia Artist,  Tom Gregorczyk: 

Tom Gregorczyk was born in Wroclaw, Poland on March 7, 1977. He moved from an Austrian refugee camp where his father lived for two years, then fled Europe, before settling in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1981 when he was just four. The family moved to Kelowna when Tom was fifteen. Tom learned the art of goldsmithing from his father at an early age. He works with gold & precious gems, but specializes in raw 22K gold nuggets in their natural form.


Grounded in Nature, Inspired by the Majesty of Eagles.

Soar above our landscapes with artist Tom Gregorczyk's meticulously crafted Eagle Ring. This hand-forged piece offers a heartfelt connection to our Canadian roots, encapsulating the spirit and stories of our vast, sprawling skies and the majestic eagles that soar above.

Gregorczyk's vision brings forth a tangible celebration of our land's raw beauty. The eagle is a symbol of strength, freedom, and a reflection of our boundless landscapes and the intricate dance of nature that unfolds within it. The ring’s detailed carving is a testament to the countless hours spent observing and understanding this magnificent bird, deeply resonating with those who hold nature close to their hearts.

Nestled in the ring is a Canadian-sourced diamond, its purity and radiance echoing the crisp, clear skies of our winters and the shimmering lakes in summer. Every facet and shimmer weave a story of Canada’s age-old geological wonders. Complementing this are the rugged 22K gold nuggets, resembling the riverbeds that crisscross our terrain preserve the tales of time and tide.

The ring is a masculine and decisive piece, ideal for men with an appreciation for exquisite details and a penchant for unique jewelry. This ring is boldly more than an accessory. It's an heirloom, a keepsake for generations to cherish. Whether it's to mark an occasion or simply to have a piece of home with you, this ring is a fitting tribute to the grandeur of Canada’s land.