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Located over 1600 kilometres northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia lies the magical islands of Haida Gwaii, home to the northwest coast people, called the Haida. Here live world class Haida artists trained in the Haida tradition and culture of storytelling through artwork. 

Jewellery lovers, native art collectors and visitors to Haida Gwaii from around the world seek out Haida artwork for its unique style, quality and rich cultural history. 

Haida fine jewellery made of gold, silver and copper are carved locally with Haida motifs, such as eagle, raven, bear, frog, killer whale and human. These carvings represent cultural stories passed down from each generation.

With many different artists practicing Haida art, you will discover carving styles and jewellery as unique as the artists themselves. Here are some examples of popular jewellery styles used in contemporary Haida jewellery. 

Open Bracelet - Cuff Style

This style of bracelet, carved from gold, silver or copper, is open and allows the bracelet to fit all wrist sizes. The bracelet ends are typically curved for comfort and style. This style of bracelet is sometimes tapered, being slightly wider in the middle compared to the ends. You will find these bracelets in varying widths, such as 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch and above. 


Wrap Rings

Wrap rings from Haida Gwaii are typically carved of gold or silver, and wrap around the finger. In addition to being stylistically pleasing, the wrap ring can be expanded or contracted to fit all ring sizes, making this the perfect gift or for those with changing ring sizes. 



Examples of Haida carved pendants include, round, copper shield and cutouts. 

Round or Oval Pendant


Shield Pendant 


Cut-out Pendant




Haida carved earrings vary in style. Some of the most popular styles include drop earrings and studs (not pictured). 

Drop Earrings 

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We invite you to browse our selection of Haida jewellery and art on our website: crystalcabingallery.com. Have a special request? This is our expertise. Contact us at 1-250-557-4383 or stay@haidagwaii.net and we would be pleased to serve you.

Crystal Cabin is located in Tlell, Haida Gwaii and has built deep relationships with local Haida artists for over 15 years. We support the continuation of a vibrant and creative Haida art market made and sold on these islands.