Founder of Crystal Cabin Art Gallery and Gift Shop Dutes Dutheil has announced that he has summarised his life’s knowledge of agates and stone collecting in the lush islands of Haida Gwaii, in a handbook entitled Agate Collecting with Dutes: Your Guide to Finding Agates in Haida Gwaii. 


Agate Collecting with Dutes

Dutes Dutheil, who has called Haida Gwaii his home since 1970, is a local rock collector, lapidary artist, goldsmith jeweler, and entrepreneur. His newly written guide, delivered in 32 colourful pages, outlines everything you need to know to begin your search for local Agate in Haida Gwaii. You can expect to learn how to:

  • Prepare for your next beachcombing adventure
  • Identify agates and learn how they are formed
  • Learn about the islands’ geological formation
  • Compare agates with other types of chalcedony
  • Connect to the metaphysical properties of agates

“Over the past 30 years, Crystal Cabin has become a local institution and authority on island geology. I regularly receive questions about agates and there is a lot of interest from the public on the topic of collecting beach stones. This guide is intended to enrich your agate collecting experience,” shares Dutes.

Agate, also known as banded chalcedony, is a form of microcrystalline quartz. Haida Gwaii’s 62 million-year-old geological history of volcanic lava flows has provided excellent conditions for the formation of agates and other stones found on these beaches. There are at least 10 varieties of agates in Haida Gwaii and many types of unbanded chalcedony, such as jasper, petrified wood, and sugar agates, which are all outlined in this guide.

Agate Collecting with Dutes: Your Guide to Finding Agates in Haida Gwaii will be available May 1, 2017 to purchase at select retailers, at Crystal Cabin in Tlell, Haida Gwaii or online at


You’re Invited to the Book Launch!

Crystal Cabin invites agate enthusiasts and novices alike to attend the book launch. Bring your questions and your friends!


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  • Free Agate Buttons
  • Agate Cake

    Date: Saturday May 13, 2017

    Time: 1-4pm

    Location: Crystal Cabin

    Address: 778A Richardson Road, Tlell, British Columbia, V0T 1Y0, 250-557-4383

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