The advantage of being in Haida Gwaii, our connections with talented Haida artists and the fact that we’re artists ourselves means that we’ve got some exciting new treasures to share with you this week!    

We’re excited to share with you this Copper Bear Pendant made by George Yeltatzie of the Haida Nation.


copper-bear-pendantGeorge carved this piece with a story in mind!


The copper used for this pendant comes from a larger piece of ceremonial copper once used at a historical potlach held by the late Hereditary Chief, Reynold Russ of Old Massett. Depending on the potlach’s purpose, one or more large copper shields are given away to symbolize the wealth of a chief and their clan, and their ability to rebuild wealth after giving it away. 

Equally powerful, the bear carved in this pendant is a symbol of strength, humility and motherhood in Haida mythology.

With careful craftsmanship, George added detailed eyes of beautiful bright ocean blue and green paua shell from New Zealand and teeth of walrus tusk.

Be a part of Haida Gwaii history with this beautiful one-of-a-kind piece. 


haida-copper-pendant                                   We’ve got two more beautiful pieces to debut this week. Stay tuned!