Sea Grizzly Pendant by Billy NC Yovanovich (Haida)

Dimensions: 4 1/4 inches x 2 1/4 inches x 2 inches (108 mm x 57 mm x 50.8 mm) 

Material: Yew wood, red cedar weaving

Year: 2023


Supernatural Sea Grizzly is a transformational figure between grizzly bear and whale. See the grizzly bear features, such as the ears, eyes, and teeth, and the whale features, such as a dorsal fin in between the ears and a blow hole between the eyes.

This piece can be displayed as a miniature mask or can be worn as a pendant. There is a copper bale on the back of the carving which allows it to be worn as a pendant.

By Haida Artist, Billy NC Yovanovich, Kuuhlaanuu:

Billy NC Yovanovich, Kuuhlaanuu is a Haida artist born from Ts’aahl Eagle clan. Billy is an emerging artist who has apprenticed under both Timmy Boyko and Garner Moody for carving. And also had the pleasure of learning formline and design from the late Ben Davidson and his father Robert Davidson. With all of these different teachers I have learned a unique style of which is my own taking inspiration from all of my teachings.

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