.... This is our home, Haida Gwaii.

Crystal Cabin Gallery began over two decades ago in pursuit of a passion to create and share gemstone jewellery created locally on Haida Gwaii. In the years since inception, Crystal Cabin Gallery has expanded to include local Haida art, clothing items, and silver jewellery as well. All these items are infused with the powerful energy and spirit of the islands, whether through hand craftsmanship, geographical inspiration, or community efforts to support local businesses. In making a purchase, the customer is instantly connected to the synergy of Haida Gwaii – the benefits of which are often intangible yet invaluable.  Crystal Cabin Gallery is focused towards fostering strong relationships with local artisans, and as a result is able to continuously acquire a variety of fine pieces that embody the vibrant Haida culture.

Our Gallery is nestled into the forest, sitting quietly on top of a dune. We are located halfway up the coast between Masset and Queen Charlotte City, in the rustically charming rural community of Tlell. This region of Haida Gwaii has much to offer a curious visitor including restaurants with fine food and hikes through the esteemed Naikoon Provincial Park where ancient forests extend along a rugged coastline famous for its beachcombing treasures. Tlell is a place that truly embodies the spirit of the islands.