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Pieces that can be made for you:

  • Wedding bands and engagement rings
  • Northwest coast engraved jewelry
  • Rings, pendants, earrings & bracelets
  • Jewelry with Canadian diamonds & precious gemstones
  • Men's jewelry 
  • Artwork: Wood carvings, paddles, bentwood boxes, masks, argillite carvings, carved totem poles, original paintings, and logos 

Note on Ring Sizes: We look forward to hearing about your idea for a custom made ring. Once we determine what width of ring you would like, we ask you to visit a local jeweller in your area to get your finger measured for a ring of the same width. If the ring is a gift or a surprise, please reach out as we have many other ways to determine ring size. 

Note on Re-purposing Gold: We cannot accommodate projects which require melting or re-purposing gold jewelry. 

We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of this meaningful journey to make your ideas a reality. 

- Crystal Cabin Gallery Team


Two Eagle Sterling Silver Bracelet

The Two Eagle bracelet is a striking design, showcasing two eagles facing each other with intricate detail. Crafted from sterling silver, each intricately carved feature reflects the skillful artistry of James Sawyer. It's a truly remarkable piece, perfect for commemorating a son's special birthday occasion.



Engraved Wedding Band Set

The Sterling Silver Jade Ring: Features a stunning BC Jade cabochon carved by  master jade carver Deborah Wilson. The design is adorned with the likeness of a Painted Turtle, which happens to be the customer's favourite turtle species. Crafted with precision and skill, the ring itself is made of high-quality sterling silver and fabricated by the talented Gitxsan artist, Meaghan McRae. This exquisite piece not only showcases the natural beauty of BC Jade but also the beauty of northwest coast Indigenous art. This unique and meaningful wedding band captures the essence of nature and cultural heritage.

The 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Eagle Ring: Crafted by Haida artist James Sawyer, is a magnificent piece that captures the eagle. The ring features intricate details and a combination of two precious metals, 14K gold and sterling silver, enhancing its beauty. The eagle, revered in Haida culture for its strength and wisdom, is depicted in hand-engraved Haida formline design and cross-hatching. 

While exploring Haida Gwaii, the couple stopped by Crystal Cabin Gallery, where we shared special moments designing and discussing the inspiration for their wedding bands.



Engraved Sterling Silver Wedding Band Set

These matching sterling silver wedding bands are hand engraved and feature four designs per ring. Each design was chosen by the client for its personal significance and meaning, as a couple and as a family. The design you can see facing forward on the rings’ front profile is an orca head. The wedding band for was designed to interlock with the shape of her existing diamond engagement ring.

Designed, engraved & fabricated by Meaghan McRae, Gitxsan.



 Wasco Ring by Meaghan McRae

Wasco Ring
Sterling silver
Aquamarine eyes
By Meaghan McRae, Gitxsan
For a customer from British Columbia, Canada.



custom drum

Custom Drum Project for Canadian Collector
Eagle with Salmon on Buffalo Hide Drum
Design & Paining by Haida Artist, Raven LeBlanc



Gold Frog Eagle Raven Bracelet
Custom Jewelry

This 14K gold bracelet features a frog in the centre of the bracelet, with an eagle on the right & a raven on the left. In the ovoids of the eagle & raven are small frog faces.

This piece was commissioned by a mother for her daughter who is graduating from medical school. The bracelet was presented in this red cedar box with a yellow cedar lid and features an original hand-painted octopus design. The bracelet is designed & engraved by Haida artist, David Jones & the bentwood box is hand-painted & designed by Haida artist, Danielle Louise.

“I am glad to have completed business with you, it has been a fab experience and I know we have beautiful pieces.”


Gold Bracelets

These two gold bracelets were commissioned for two sisters by their parents to celebrate milestones ages of the daughters going into their 50s. These story bracelets, which are design in panel pipe style, tell the life story of each women and encompass the things and people that are most important in their lives. Each bracelet is 1.5 inches wide and made of 14K yellow gold. The engraving and design is done by Haida artist, David Jones.


Sterling Silver Pendant engraving of a raven with the moon and the starspendant holding a 1 ounce silver coin

This sterling silver pendant was commissioned by an uncle for his nephew. It features the engraving of a raven with the moon and the stars. On the other side, the pendant is fabricated to hold a 1 ounce silver coin. A special message to the recipient is engraved on the sides of the pendant to keep the recipient safe while travelling. Engraving & fabrication by Gitxsan artist, Meaghan McRae.

The happy customer left us this review: 

"Good evening April. I tried calling a few times, because in this case writing the words does not do justice to saying them. Please convey to Meaghan my thanks for getting this done so quickly, and also my appreciation for her work. Many adjectives come to mind, but I think a proper use of the word “wonderful” to reflect something “wonderous” comes closest – the piece is wonderful! Moreover, I know [the recipient] will appreciate Meaghan’s gifts more than I ever can. I cannot wait to give it to him. Thank you both again so very much, and be well."



Argillite Wolf and Crab Buttons

These argillite buttons were custom made for a collector of rare and unique buttons. There are button findings on the back of each carving, making them completely functional. Made by Haida artist, Amy Edgars. 


Custom gold & opal ring

This custom yellow 14K gold ring was made using an incredible fire opal from Jalisco, Mexico. Handmade by jeweller Ximena Perron.


White gold wedding bands and engagement ring set by Haida northwest coast Indigenous artist Ernest Swanson.

This special set of engagement & wedding bands was made of 14K white gold by Haida artist Ernest Swanson. This artist was tasked to create an interlocking wedding band for the wife. The interlocking ring set featured a diamond in the eye of the wolf which transformed into a wasgo ( a mythological sea wolf, which is part wolf & part killer whale) once the two interlocking rings were worn together. For the husband, the artist made two rings, one ring featured a wolf & killer whale and the other ring featured a wasgo. This was a challenging set to make due to the interlocking aspects of the wife's ring. It was very rewarding for the artist to create & for the clients to receive such a spectacular wedding set. 


14k gold hummingbird bangle bracelet by Haida northwest coast Indigenous artist David Jones.


This 14k yellow gold bangle bracelet features two hand-engraved hummingbird with their beaks meeting in the centre. It was custom-made by Haida artist, David Jones. A client ordered this special piece as a Christmas present for a family member who loves bangle bracelets. 


Haida Indigenous pendant dog tag eagle custom jewelry by Haida artist Tony Greene sold by Crystal Cabin

"I LOVE the pendant! It’s beautiful.  Really truly beautiful. Thank you so much April for handling everything for me. You are very professional and good at what you do. [My husband] is going to be very happy with his gift and I can hardly wait to give it to him!" 


Indigenous Jewelry Canada

This 14K white gold raven ring was custom made by Haida artist Gregory Williams. It was a replacement ring for an original wedding band that was a bit too large, and unfortunately, was lost. The stippling and gentle lines are characteristic of this artist's work. 

A few words from the customer who was from Oregon, USA.

"Hi April, the ring arrived safe and sound Monday afternoon. It really is beautiful and a good fit. Thank Gregory for me!"


Silver Rings

This customer from the United Kingdom wanted an engraved sterling silver hummingbird ring. They also requested to make the ring as narrow as possible. This band is under 1/4 inch wide and was carved by Haida artist Gregory Williams. 

The customer was happy with the final results:

"Hi April,The ring has arrived safely and looks fantastic thank you so much for all your help." 


Crystal Cabin Native Jewelry

While on vacation in Haida Gwaii, this customer purchased a copper raven wrap ring at our shop. When they returned home, it became apparent how much their mother also loved this ring. So the daughter contacted us to have another copper ring made.

A lesser known reality is that not all carvers like to carve copper. However, we selected a few artists to choose from, presented the options to the customer, and worked with her budget. She decided on a copper eagle wrap ring by Haida artist Derek White from Old Massett, British Columbia, Canada. Her mother was over the moon and loved it too! 



Metal Jewelry

These 14k yellow gold raven steals the sun and raven steals the moon matching wedding bands are by Haida artist Carmen Goertzen. They were created for customers from Ontario, Canada who were looking for new wedding bands to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

The rings had significant meaning for the couple. The wife is a sun worshipper and her husband loves the night - as is exemplified by his stunning night time nature photography. 

They received the rings on the eve of their anniversary, on a full moon, and were able to present the rings as a symbol of their love with friends and family at an intimate anniversary party. 


Mens Gold Native Rings
Sterling Silver Ring

This was a special request from a friend on Haida Gwaii. She was looking for a Haida interlocking wedding band that would go with her engagement ring.

Haida artist Carmen Goertzen carefully crafted the perfect wedding band to interlock with the customer's engagement ring. The wedding band is sterling silver and features a hummingbird and a bear, each a symbol of the couple. The artist also created a matching wedding wrap ring for the husband, also with a hummingbird and bear. 

The engagement ring is made of white gold and features an amazing sapphire from the customer's grandmother. The ring is made by Lisa Fletcher. 


interlocking native northwest coast first nations indigenous haida wedding bands



Native Gold Necklace

A well-planned out gift from a past visitor to Haida Gwaii. This customer from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada started planning his Christmas gifts in the summer. We highly recommend, as during Christmas time many of the artists are too busy to create custom pieces. 

This customer had three pendants created out of 14k yellow gold by Haida artist, Gregory Williams. One pendant was an orca for his wife, another pendant was an orca for his daughter, and the third pendant was a playful hummingbird for his granddaughter. This was a huge success for Christmas gifts, and all three ladies loved these pieces. We also provided the gold chains too!

A happy customer left us this review: 

"I recently purchased 3 gold pendants from April at Crystal Cabin Gallery. I am very pleased with the carvings she supplied and would recommend the Crystal Cabin for any Haida jewelry."


Native Gold Necklaces
Native Artwork


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