Canadian Diamond with 22k Natural Canadian Gold Nugget Ring

Diamond size & ring size

All Canadian materials made with hand-crafted quality in British Columbia.

This diamond ring shines and dazzles, with a diamond from the Canadian arctic.

Natural placer gold nuggets are 22K, the highest quality found in nature.

Each ring comes with a certification for the diamond indicating the mine of origin and contains a tracking number. You can be sure the diamond is mined ethically to the highest standards.

The base metal of the gold band is 10K yellow gold, which is a choice metal to use for strength and to maintain its beauty through every day wear. The gold is also refined in a Canadian smelter.


  • Diamonds are Canadian with a clarity of SI1 and a colour of F
  • Nuggets are 22K, which are the highest quality karat of gold that you can find in nature 
  • The base metal of the ring is 10K yellow gold, which was chosen as a strong metal to withstand daily wear 

Diamond Size:

There are two options available for diamond size

  • 0.3 ct (ring size 7)
  • 0.25 ct (ring size 6.75)


These rings were designed so that if they needed to be re-sized that process would be easy. At the back of the ring is a solid 10K yellow gold band which can be easily re-soldered to increase or decrease the size of the ring.  

This ring can be resized for a fee of $50 Canadian, please select this option & note the ring size you need at checkout. Lead time of approximately 2 weeks for ring resizing. 

Meet the Artist: 

Tom Gregorczyk was born in Wroclaw, Poland on March 7, 1977. He moved from an Austrian refugee camp where his father lived for two years, then fled Europe, before settling in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1981 when he was just four. The family moved to Kelowna when Tom was fifteen. Tom learned the art of goldsmithing from his father at an early age. He works with gold & precious gems, but specializes in raw 22K gold nuggets in their natural form. 

About 22K Canadian Gold Nuggets: 

This 22k gold nugget jewelry is made from eco-friendly gold right from the miner’s gold pan. The nuggets come from operations that make minimal to no damage to the environment. It does not come from big mining companies or metal refineries and is not processed in any way. 

They are collected by hand by small scale gold panners in rivers & creeks in British Columbia & the Yukon. All gold nuggets used are left in their raw natural state & manufactured into gold & silver jewelry in British Columbia, making this the perfect made in Canada keepsake.

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