Gidansda Settee by Jaalen Edenshaw (19.5 x 30 inches)

This is a limited edition unframed art print out of 240 pieces made in 2017.

Material: Serigraph, fine art paper

Dimensions: 19 1/2 inches tall by 30 inches wide

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Learn about the design: 

The Gidansda Settee is a piece that came out of Jaalen and Gwaai’s research into the works of the ancestral artist of the Great Box, a nineteenth century masterwork. The artists’ research took them to the Chicago Field Museum, where they were able to see another box made by this master, as well as a settee, a chief’s chair. This work combines a design adapted from the box front with the concept of the settee. Inspired by both of these pieces, Jaalen went on to carve one of the only chief’s chairs to be made in the last century in Haida Gwaii.

Meet the artist: 

Jaalen Edenshaw's artwork emerges from experiences growing up on Haida Gwaii. At its core, his art is storytelling, whether he tells of a time of the Supernaturals or the present day battles. Time comes and goes, but they are still here on these islands. The stories weave together.  

He seeks to share our stories through his art.  He finds inspiration in the depth and breadth of Haida stories. He visited elders as a child and has depended on their knowledge ever since. Learning the stories is a life long pursuit and is as much of the process, as is the carving. For each piece of work, he delves into the stories to ensure that he is not knowingly making a mistake in the telling.  Once he feels comfortable in the story, he begins.