K’aaxada Awga (Dogfish Mother) by Iljuuwaas | Tyson Brown (Haida)


Print Technique:  Serigraph Print 


  • Unframed: 27.5 x 22 inches

Edition Size: 95

Artist Statement:

"The title of this print is, "k'aaxada awga", which means “dogfish mother” or "shark" in Haida. I've always been fascinated by sharks - they are beautiful and intimidating at the same time.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, I was thinking about our tendency to fear the things we don't understand. However, when we take the time to understand these things, fear often transforms into respect, and respect is a much healthier emotion to carry around. Minimizing the fear in our lives allows us to evolve and grow more honestly and freely.

In this design, I used bold form to communicate the impact that fear has on our lives. The arrangement of the shark's features is meant to challenge the viewer's ideals of beauty and normalcy, while a focus on visual balance, both in form and colour, is intended to keep the viewer engaged.

If we make a point of looking for beauty in our lives, we will surely find it." -Tyson Brown

This is Tyson Brown's first print and the only print that is signed Tyson Brown. In his subsequent artworks he uses the first Haida name that he was given, Iljuuwaas which loosely translates to "gentleman". 

Made by Haida artist Tyson Brown: 

Iljuuwaas or Tyson Brown is a Haida artist from Skidegate, Haida Gwaii. He is a member of the Kayahl'laanas clan of Ts'aahl. The grandson of artists Billy Stevens and Bill Reid, Tyson grew up surrounded by Haida art. He is a lifelong student and has completed a formal apprenticeship with renowned Haida artist, Robert Davidson. 

His artistic focus is on creating a relevant body of work, while preserving and perpetuating classical Haida design principles. Tyson is inspired by his people's history, culture, and worldview. He works in various mediums including design, paint, and sculpture.

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