Ernest Swanson

Ernest Swanson, Haida Artist

Haida artist Ernest Swanson is known for his creativity as he digs deep for design inspiration. His works are satisfying for the final owner or art collector, as each design concept in new and unique. Born in 1981, Ernest has apprenticed with top Haida artists, including Chief Jim Hart, Christian White, and Jim McGuire, and is a descendant of famed Haida carvers from the past, Charles Edenshaw and Rufus Moody.

Ernest works between the mediums of metal jewelry, visual art, argillite, wood, and totem pole carving. He is well respected in the community as a positive example of a successful artist and has been involved with local government as a representative on the Council of the Haida Nation.

In 2008, Ernest assisted James Hart with a carving of the Celebration of Bill Reid pole that was raised in 2009 at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art in Vancouver. He has also taken a design workshop with Robert Davidson.

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