Haida Artist, Myles Edgars

Haida Artist, Myles Edgars


The late Myles Edgars was born in 1958 in Haida Gwaii and started carving at the age of 13. Myles mainly carved argillite and was known for his smooth and fluid style, and use of inlay. In addition to carving argillite jewelry, Myles also carved small argillite figurines and totem poles.

He was mentored by the late Richard Yeltatzie, an established Haida artist and his brother-in-law, Haida carver Steven Collinson. Myles also mentored many young people to continue this skill, including his daughter, Amy Edgars.

Sourcing the argillite stone is an arduous task. A few times a year Myles' son makes the trip up by foot to a mountainous area on Haida Gwaii. This site is protected by the Haida Nation.   

When Myles wasn't carving, his favourite things to do were spend time with his family and gather food, such as seafood and dear meat. He also loved classic rock, with some of his favourite bands being CCR and Bob Seger.

Myles passed away in October 2021.