Ron Russ

Ron Russ, Haida Artist

Ron Russ is known for his carving in argillite, metal and wood, however today he mostly focuses on intricate wood carvings. He enjoys creating one-of-a-kind collectable pieces in yew wood. Ron belongs to the eagle clan and is the son of the late Reynold Russ, a former chief of Old Massett. He is also a respected Haida elder and supports youth and other artists in his community. Haida jewelry and carvings by Ron Russ are sought-after by Haida art collectors. Ron creates pendants like these as research maquettes in preparation for creating larger pieces. These pendants are an important part of his creative process.

Yew wood is a strong wood that is indigenous to Haida Gwaii and is found in small quantities. This type of wood is used by Haida carvers to carve intricate details into fine jewelry pieces and small carvings. Traditionally yew wood was used for paddles and armour because of its dense and strong properties.

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