Framed Haida Drum Art Print | By Haida artist Randy Pryce Sr.


We have one piece which is framed. This is number 89 out of 150 pieces. 

Material: Stonehenge 245 gm Fine Art Paper, wood frame, glass

Dimensions: 21.75 inches by 22.25 inches

Learn about the design: This mythological design was originally painted on a deer hide drum, hence its circular shape. It features the Haida crests: raven, eagle, orca, frog, human, moon & crab. In Haida art the connection between human & animals is represented through transformations between the human & animal form. For example, in this piece you can see a human with eagle features.

This print is a limited edition out of 150 pieces and was created in 1996.

Meet the artist: Randy Pryce Senior comes from a long family line of Haida Master Carvers. He was born on February 24th 1952, in Daajing Giids (Queen Charlotte City) and was brought up in Skidegate on Haida Gwaii.

His father is the late Norman Price, one of the very well known master carvers from Haida Gwaii. His family has close ties to Charles Edenshaw, Charles Gladstone and Bill Reid. Randy has the rights to wear the crests of the Killer Whale, The Grizzly Bear, The Eagle, Frog and Raven as well as the Hummingbird.

Inspired and mentored by his father and grandfathers, Randy Pryce is mainly a self-taught master carver. He started carving argillite when he was 19 and after only 3 years the UBC Museum of Anthropology recognized his special talents and bought one of his panels. In 1982 Randy started carving metal and since then, he has concentrated his work mainly on silver and gold jewellery. 

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