Silver Killer Whale Earrings

Design: These earrings are engraved by Agnes Seaweed Wisden from the 'Namgis First Nation and signed on the back by the artist. 

"Family and dedication, travelling together or towards something, is what killer whales mean to me." - Agnes Seaweed Wisden, 'Namgis First Nations 

Killer whales symbolize family, community, protection and strength. 

Meet the Artist:

My English name is Agnes Seaweed Wisden. Forming over many generations is an inherited lineage of creative makers in my mixed heritage as a Kwakwaka’wakw/ British woman. My traditional name is łlilawikw, and was gifted to me by our people through our Potlatch system, and my name includes me in a long line of traditions fought for and celebrated. Its meaning translates into English as gatherer of the people. On my life path as an artist and adventurer I have been called to draw on my lineages for grounding, guidance and growth. Through these experiences I ask those walking their own path to join me as we carve out spaces of celebration for who we are. My art, Sea Wisdom Design, is a place I use to form relationships with deep meaning through symbols, imagery, and a desire to connect. It has been deeply life changing to now the power of this art has healed, connected, grown and is cherished by those that feel the same love for the land, ocean and culture of the coast we share.

Material: Sterling silver

Dimensions: 3/8 inch wide x 1 inch tall (1 1/2 inches tall when measured to the top of the ear wire)

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