Haida Mouse Woman Greeting Cards by Alyson Bell (Haida)

Each order contains seven greeting cards. Alyson Bell created these cards as part of a school project at Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art.

Material: Paper

Dimensions: 7.25 x 4.75 inches (184.15 x 120.65mm)

Design: Mouse Woman is the mother of Raven. She appears in Haida stories and advises those passing through new terrain. Sometimes, she has the right tools to help. These tools can be beautiful gifts to guide us in the right direction.
Small yet mighty, mouse woman commands respect. The story of the mythological mouse woman appears in the oral history of the Haida, Ts'msyen & other northwest coast peoples.

She signifies respect, abundance, wealth & beauty.
Mouse Woman is a respected grandmother who often appears in Haida's traditional stories. She is a special person who has the ability to change her appearance and is known for the advice she gives to children.
Use these beautiful greeting cards to share your wonderful time on Haida Gwaii.

Made by Haida Artist Alyson Bell:

Alyson Bell belongs to the Iij’aaw Yahgu ‘Laanaas Raven Clan from Old Masset in Haida Gwaii. She was taught how to draw from a line by her family. As a child, Alyson would accompany her grandfather to see his carving friends in their studios. She grew up surrounded by artists who inspire her to this day. In 2023, Alyson graduated from the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art. Alyson works primarily in acrylics and is learning to carve alder.

In 2023, she started an apprenticeship with renowned Haida artist Robert Davidson (G̲uud San Glans).

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