Sterling Silver Killer Whale (Orca) Money Clip by Derek White Sr. (Haida)

Material: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 50 mm x 13 mm (2 inch x 0.51 inch)

Design:This design features a orca, which is a symbol of community & family. The killer whale clan has an analogous society to humans under the ocean, here is where the first totem poles & longhouses can be found.

The Haida mythology about boy riding killer whale depicts a man who has to jump on the back of a killer whale to rescue his wife from the underworld. 

Made by Haida Artist, Derek White Sr. 

Derek White is a Haida carver who began carving in 1985. Derek has apprenticed with Master Carver Jim Hart and has worked on many large sculptures of wood and totem poles, including one of the six poles at the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate in 2001 and the Reconciliation Pole at the University of British Columbia in 2017. 

He belongs to a family of master carvers. Derek's brother is Haida artist, Christian White. They are the sons of the late Hereditary Chief of the Edinsu Eagle Clan of Kiusta, Morris White. Morris White’s father, Geoffrey White, was the grandson of the master Haida carver, Charles Edenshaw.