Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver Clamshells & Salmon Bone Vertebrae by Morgan Asoyuf (Ts'msyen)

Opulence, Inspired by Nature.

This regal necklace is a heartfelt tribute to our expansive oceans. Crafted exclusively by Morgan Asoyuf of the Ts'msyen Nation, each detail whispers tales of the sea and the life it nurtures. Wearing this necklace calls us to appreciate and honour the beauty around us. 

Each lustrous freshwater pearl is hand-picked to mirror the calm and depth of our local waters. The Sterling Silver Clamshells and Salmon Bone Vertebrates are a nod to the stories of the ancestors, paying respect to the women who nurtured the clam beds and the timeless dance of the salmon in the sweeping waters of the pacific northwest. The soft glow of Faceted Moonstone and Blue Topaz gemstones compliments the moon's reflection on peaceful waters, while the sweet, delicate touch of Diamonds adds a sparkle, reminiscent of sunlit waves.

For those who find peace by the sea and carry its stories in their heart, this piece is fluid and fitting for any occasion, be it a quiet evening by the shore or a celebration with loved ones. Feel the ocean's embrace with this Freshwater Pearl Necklace!

  • Freshwater pearls
  • Three sterling silver clamshells
  • Sterling silver salmon bone vertebrae
  • Two faceted moonstones
  • Faceted blue topaz tear drop
  • One faceted diamond
  • Clasp with sterling silver sea urchin textures and round faceted blue topaz

Dimensions: This necklace can be adjusted from 431.8 mm (17 inches) to 508 mm (20 inches) long. 


  • Women of high esteem maintained the clam beds, and returned the salmon bone vertebrae to the ocean to honour the salmon and ensure their strong return.
  • This pearl necklace represents the continuation to live as an ocean going people harvesting seafood and respecting the ocean and its beings 
  • Detail in every aspect of this piece. The blue topaz setting is custom made and has an open back setting and cut out sides to allow more light and brilliance to shine it. There is a casted sea urchin clasp, casted clam shells with northwest coast ovoids and formline with a diamond at centre.
  • It can be adjustable to varied lengths
  • The pearls are strung on silk cord and knotted in between.
Made by Ts'msyen Artist, Morgan Asoyuf:

Morgan Asoyuf (née Green) was born March 24, 1984 in Prince Rupert BC. Morgan is Ts'msyen Eagle Clan from Ksyeen River (Prince Rupert area), BC. Her Lineage is Lax Giik, XGiik , Gitando (people of the weir net), Githo'on (the salmon eaters)

Morgan’s artistic career started with a Blanche Macdonald Centre Fashion Design Diploma in 2003, and an interest in painting Ts’msyen Designs. She studies wood sculpture with Henry Green and Phil Gray, and enjoys teaching the art form in varied settings. She is currently employed as an auxiliary goldsmith instructor with Vancouver Community College as well as teaching art at the Kilala Lelum Native Health Centre on the downtown eastside of Vancouver.

She took Bronze Casting at The Crucible art compound in Oakland, where industry professionals taught her both investment mold and sand casting.

In 2010 Morgan studied at Vancouver Metal Art School under Gerold Mueller, a goldsmith from Pforzheim Germany. She received diplomas in both Jewelry Design and Stone Cutting, learning special techniques such as hollow construction, custom stone cutting, and advanced soldering.

Morgan has studied design and engraving with Richard Adkins, and completed Gem Setting courses at Revere Academy, San Francisco.