Artists' Tool Fund Donation


New tools can help artists to become more efficient at their craft, perfect their technique, or apply their talents to new mediums.

Contributions to the Artists' Tool Fund will be used to purchase much-needed tools for Haida & northwest coast Indigenous artists. 

Our current focus is tools for women artists. Art by women artists is traditionally under-recognized and underpriced. By providing tools to women artists our goal is to help support them to be the best in their art & reach new levels of success & recognition. 

Tools Purchased So Far:

  • Dust collector system for removing dust while carving argillite for Haida argillite carver Amy Edgars 
  • Acrylic paint brushes that replace old paint brushes from 10 years ago for Haida artist Raven LeBlanc 
  • Wood carving tools for doing precise abalone inlay work in cedar for Haida artist Raven LeBlanc 
  • Argillite carving tools & sharpening tools for Haida artist Melanie Russ 

To donate, choose an amount and click add to cart. 100% of donations go towards purchasing tools for the Artists' Tool Fund. 

Photos by Farah Nosh.