Men's Eagle Ring with Canadian Diamond and 22k Canadian Gold Nuggets


We ship worldwide. 


  • The diamond is Canadian, size 0.04 carat 
  • Canadian gold nuggets are 22K
  • Ring material is 10K yellow gold 

Dimensions: 12 mm wide (0.47 inches wide)

Ring Size: Please note your ring size at checkout. We carry a variety of sizes in stock. However, if we need to do a ring resize, please expect approximately 2 weeks lead time. 


Eagles represent strength, wisdom and balance. They are stealth hunters, strong, fierce, and intelligent in their understanding of the world around them. Although their physical presence exudes strength and commands attention, they move with grace and precision. They also symbolize partnership, choosing one eagle to mate with for life, and using the same nest year after year. 

About 22K Canadian Gold Nuggets: 

This 22k gold nugget jewelry is made from eco-friendly gold right from the miner’s gold pan. The nuggets come from operations that make minimal to no damage to the environment. It does not come from big mining companies or metal refineries and is not processed in any way. 

They are collected by hand by small scale gold panners in rivers & creeks in British Columbia & the Yukon. All gold nuggets used are left in their raw natural state & manufactured into gold & silver jewelry in British Columbia, making this the perfect made in Canada keepsake.