Haida Solstice Music CD by Terri-Lynn Wiliams-Davidson & sGaanaGwa (2023)

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2023 release of the Haida Solstice Album by Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, Haida musician, author, activist, artist, and lawyer and acclaimed rock band, Chilliwack.

This album celebrates and honours the sacredness of Haida music expressed during the shortest days of the year. It also celebrates Christmas and supernatural themed music in the Haida language interwoven with influences from jazz, blues, folk and rock.

Inspiration for this Album:

“The concept of a Christmas album in the Haida language was first suggested to me by Elders in 2017 when I released my last album. It is their enthusiasm and initiative that underscored the importance of their inclusion in holiday festivities. I want to share their vision with others and communities, and provide a new context to holiday celebrations though Indigenous voices.” -Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson